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Company and commercial law is highly complex, and is constantly evolving. Commercial cases tend to be high-value and involve a number of competing business goals and interests. It is important, then, that you receive appropriate legal advice and representation for these matters.

Sutton-Mattocks' goal is to protect and promote your business objectives. Contact us today to receive bespoke company and commercial law advice.

Our Company and Commercial Law Service

As part of our full service, we can assist with the following matters:

  • acquisition of companies and businesses;
  • shareholder, partnership, and joint venture agreements;
  • company administration and secretarial duties;
  • company formation and constitutions;
  • directors’ duties and liabilities;
  • shareholders’ rights; and
  • terms and conditions.

For advice on any of the above, or any other commercial law matter, please contact us.

Commercial Contracts

Commercial contracts are essential to protect your business interests. They manage relationships between your business and its clients and suppliers. It is key that the contract terms are drafted carefully in order to avoid disputes further down the line. While it may seem like an extra expense and task for an already busy business, instructing a solicitor to help you draft your contracts will ensure they are valid, comprehensive and protect your interests.

All contracts must have the following elements present for them to be legally binding:

  • an offer;
  • acceptance of that offer;
  • consideration;
  • the intention to create legal relations; and
  • the person making the contract must have legal capacity.

Commercial contracts do not have to be in writing to be legally enforceable, although verbal contracts are notoriously difficult to enforce. It is therefore highly recommended that commercial contracts are in writing.

Commercial Contract Terms

We can help you draft effective terms relating to:

  • Conditions: the key provisions in the contract, such as payment rates and dates. If a condition is breached, this contract can be ended by the other party and legal action may be taken.
  • Warranties: the non-essential terms, for example relating to communication between the parties. If these are breached, legal action may be taken but a breach will not cause the contract to come to an end.
  • Performance obligations: the terms that outline what each party must do. The details of these will be established through negotiation with the other party, and should be drafted to protect your position. 

Commercial Disputes

In the business world, it is almost impossible to avoid disputes. With that in mind, it is vital that you and your company have a policy in place in order to deal with disputes. Central to this will be to seek advice from a reputable commercial and company law solicitor.

A specialist in this field will first evaluate the case and establish the strength of your position, and create a robust dispute resolution strategy. It is always preferable to settle disputes by mediation or another form of alternative dispute resolution – as this is the most cost-effective and least time-consuming  – however, where this method fails, litigation may be necessary. Your solicitor will provide expert representation and advance the best possible settlement.

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